Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking for the Best Place to Photograph Your Kids in the San Diego Area?

Hands down Old Poway Park. For many reasons.

Sitting on the Railroad at Old Poway Park

Located at 14134 Midland Road in Poway, CA. is the photographers playground...especially for shooting children.  Perhaps its the actual-sized steam train and railroad that captures kids' attention, or the trees and leaves in the fall, maybe its the gazebo, or water stream, or bridges, either way this little gem is a perfect place to get that perfect photo. 

Maybe you're trying to take the perfect picture for their birthday invites, or maybe you're creating Grandma's Christmas gift, or just because. Whatever the motivation, you don't have to be a seasoned vet of photography to get a gorgeous photo at this location. Year round you'll find natural beauty that is bound to make your photo go blah to ooh-la-la beautiful! 

When to go:  Monday-Friday if you can would be ideal. This way you'll avoid the crowds that attend their Saturdays farmers markets and various events.

What time is best: The park is open all hours but Sunrise and Sunset always bring out beautiful colors in photographs.

What to bring: A camera is all you need. Don't worry so much about props... you'll have tons of beauty at this park.
In Front of the Train Caboose at Old Poway Park


1. Shoot out of direct sunlight. There is plenty of shade at Old Poway Park, and thats a good thing. It will keep your children from squinting and pull out their beautiful natural skin tones.

2. No Flash. You'll get great natural light here so minimize the flash.

3. Don't be afraid to take hundreds of photos, chances are you'll get a great shot. You can always delete, but you can't recreate a perfect moment.

4. Bring your child after their nap! Yes, this one is crucial... the last thing you want is a screaming baby in all your shots!